My story began way back in 1990 in Plymouth, Minnesota…

Explaining the whirlwind since then is no easy task.

About me in short: I have also lived in Rhode Island, Florida, & Pennsylvania. I love animals, especially cute little fuzzy ones. I graduated from IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy & Villanova University. I like to wear colored pants. I have competed in USTA, ITF, WTA, & Big East conference tennis matches around the world. And lastly, I have a weak spot for Chipotle.

Fast forward to the good stuff: I am currently a Social Strategist at iCrossing, a digital marketing agency located in Chicago. I would never call myself a social media guru but I can say that I’m a creative and solution-oriented worker who loves brainstorming & developing content that excites audiences. And yes, I’ve managed my fair share of campaigns and blogger partnerships. So while I may or may not be a guru, I’m more than comfortable in the social media space.

But why am I doing all the talking? Venture around my website and see for yourself or contact me today!

My Resume